Sunday, March 18, 2007

STORY AND SONG - an explanation

Every piece on this blog is about writing. Occasionally I address the reader directly from my experience with the Authentic Writing Workshops. Much more often I post stories from life in which writing is a key factor.

Recently I have been posting stories with song titles. These song stories do not use the words "writing" or "writer" but are nonetheless always about writing. They are tied to songs I know that instantly bring up memories. It is like time travel. Because of the songs, I find myself living intensely in scenes from the past that I then presume to bring to the page.

The page and the stage. These song pieces are all part of a theatrical performance work that is coming together. And this is another related connection that gets to the heart of writing. In the Authentic Writing movement, we have begun to collaborate with theater professionals. No one knows so clearly as to do writers and performers - whether singers, dancers, instrumentalists or actors - that for their most authentic work they must go deep inside themselves.

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