Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I founded Authentic Writing in 1993 on the strong, studied belief that the most important thing a person can ever do in art and life is find out who that person really is.

We built upon a foundation of clear evidence that nothing is so conducive to getting at true-self reality and identity as recreating true life experiences with the written word.

False verbal and mental constructions cannot stand up to writing that is allowed to unfold organically. If all people were free of false versions of reality – able to get at their own – not only would we have more fine writing, we would have a better world.

This is what lies behind our mission.


Anonymous said...

This Credo, Fred, is so well put, so filled with what is most important in the world, and so frightening to those who have given themselves over to things like that commercial yogic cult and its greedy leader.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about the story of Authentic Writing, how and why you came around to creating it, and what you want to get from sharing it with others.

I believe this process has great merit, for many people and for many reasons beyond the ones you noted in your Credo.

I hope you and Marta continue to bring it to the world and I hope you can share with others how we might help you to make Authentic Writing more accessible to more people over time.

Perhaps you can train workshop facilitators and have them host sessions in areas that you and Marta can't reach easily?