Monday, July 19, 2010


Amazing writing events already this summer. The latest running of the Memoir Festival that Marta and I created. And also the running of the Authentic Writing Solo Show Workshop that I did with Suzanne Bachner and Bob Brader. And on Sunday July 25 Marta at the famous KGB Bar! And now back in our regular workshops, and what seems to be the downhill stretch of my memoir The Aqua Mustang - which can be seen in developing stages at


Oneperson said...

Hoo Rah!!!

I often wish I could clone myself and be one at the same drink it all in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fred, Marta is due this eve. to talk about her new memoir in progress. I am related to "Natvar's" family. We think it's healthy to write or speak on one's perspective especially if traumatic, however to speak as an authority of another's perspective is a "cult" in itself. The dictionary define's cult as "sole authority". Marta does not make it clear that this is her perspective & ask other's who were there, of theirs or even ask permission of them to print her perspective. It is not surprising that people can get angry if their permission is not taken. She prints a "sole authority" on what the anger is about. That is what a cult leader would do....say that it is so with out respect of another's feeling or perspective. This attitude can only end in a bad situation for her. The one's who see it, don't respect her & the one's who don't are following a leader with an unhealthy path in life. If she doesn't care & only thinks of the rile she can get & the $ to be made, then we think she is forming a kind of cult herself. We think you should be aware of this perspective. This is abuse & slander & unkind even though she says it's not mean or meant to hurt anyone. It's up to the one on the receiving end to say if they are hurt & harmed, not up to the "sole authority" to say it's something different. It's the responsibility of the one dishing out their perspective to be sensitive & mindful of what the person receiving it says it is for them. They may not be hiding anything at all in their anger. I spoke to the person & it's because their permission was not taken & their point of view is not respected that they are angry. It is a fact that 20 people receiving a lecture have 20 different experiences. This understanding is a healthier path for people to absorb, toward understanding & tolerance for others. It is a healthier way toward growth & embracing others. Setting yourself up as a "sole authority" is no different than a cult. There is a saying that the abused become the abuser. This line Marta is following to many of us is abusive & looks toward forming her own cult. If you don't care about where this is all going to end for Marta & are only interested in the fame & $, than we feel you have no humanity to help yourself & the world as you both portray.

Fred Poole said...

Dear anonymous,

A memoir writer is giving no more and no less than an impression, and knows it. It is not like a news article written by a journalist who actually believes it is possible to be objective.

To tell everything about a story would take many millions of words and would wind up in an incomprehensible mess. A memoir writer is giving an honest version of reality, of what the writer saw and felt at a given time.

To say that a writer should not write that writer’s own truest version is like the position taken by family bullies, dictators,and other cult leaders -- and often their victims.

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